6 Nov 2012



New WAGS - 17 years old Bruna is Neymar's secret lover

Brazilian football starlet Neymar is having a secret crush with a 17 years old Brazilian hot actress Bruna according to Brazilian press EGO. The Santos player secretly and frequently meet up with Bruna about a month ago, but these two had denied they are dating with each other.

There was a secret photo of Bruna kissed Neymar’s cheek had already been broadcast onto the web, and Neymar still denied that case. The father of a boy has frequently meeting up with new hot models for his personal fun! No difference to other European football stars such as Sergio Ramos, Messi and Wayne Rooney! They all earn too much money and like to splash out on hot women!

Bruna is only 17 years old, a bright prospect ahead of her career. She had involved in a lot of Brazilian drama series, she is quite popular in Brazil. One of Neymar’s closest friend provide information to Brazilian medias stated that both Neymar and Bruna actually been dating for months, they are not just normal friend, that photo of Bruna kissed on Neymar proves it all!
As the gossip spread out, Neymar’s agent denied their relationship, and Bruna herself explained “Neymar and I only a ordinary friend, a good friend and we are not dating each other”. Even Bruna’s mother worries that if Neymar does moved to European clubs, Neymar will just be the exact mirror image of Alexsander Pato who abandon his Brazilian childhood lover and hunt for top model in Europe. Bruna’s mother worry the fact that Neymar will upset Bruna, and she is against Bruna’s relationship to grow with Neymar!

Bruna of course won’t listen to her mother, footballer is a goldmine for all WAGS. Just for a bit for sexy fun, nude acts with these stupid footballers certainly better than working as an actress for life! Bruna and Neymar surely slept with each other already, who will be stupid not to believe footballers behaviour these days, oh come on! More hot pictures of Bruna is expected in the near future!

Football Match & Dinner Date - Which Girl?

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